Fake French (lucretiafury) wrote in pinball_pirates,
Fake French

Another reason why bars are good

In response to my last post I just remembered that the bar next door to my apartment (Mortimer's in MPLS) has three machines (South Park, Ripley's Believe It or Not!, and Lord of the Rings) all in pretty good condition. So while playing Ripley's this guy starts talking to me about pinball and his personal collection, etc. He also told me about the Twin Cities Pinball Enthusiasts which gets together around town plays for fun. There's also a Twin Cities Pinball Database which lists which machines are around town and where to find them.
But, what really captured my heart was when he told me about the 20th annual Pinball Expo in Chicago which boasts the PINBRAWL (pinball world championships) plus pinball art, speakers, workshops, etc. Apparently it's really cheap to get in, maybe in the $10 range and the contests are open to the public with cash prizes. I drooled at the site. How come nobody told me about this before? But a better question is who wants to come with me?
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