orbitalblowout (orbitalblowout) wrote in pinball_pirates,

beer--pinball--and exercisms

hey chicago pin-folk,

another outing will be held at the bucktown pub, 7PM on 03/13/05. the table of the evening will be dirty hairy. below is what regular had to say about the table:

> very inflated scoring. replay starts at 220 million, incases by 110 million per replay.
> the playfield is fairly level, takes some work to build speed.
> very sensitive to tilts.
> really fun, accommodating to so many differnet skills.
> It does this thing called "midnight madness" that i've never seen before. it seems if you're playing at midnight, it starts going CRAZY with points! it's like a X10 bonus for everything, it's nuts!
> in great condition, overall.

when looking for directions, i happened to learned that the place is haunted. so this could explain the midnight freakout...anyone else interested in an exercism? nothing says fun like shaking rafters!

here's a link for directions:

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